Examples Of Paul In Tangerine

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March 17, 2023

Dear Readers,

Fear. Fear is defined as being afraid of someone or something that is likely to be dangerous, painful or threatening. Should you fear your family? Should you fear your own brother? Should you fear wanting to go home to your own family? Sadly, this is exactly how Paul Fisher feels in the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor.Paul is overlooked by his family, while all the attention goes to his brother Erik with his football dream. Meanwhile Paul is trying to get to his soccer dream.
Paul's mom and dad always take his brother's side while Paul doesn't get much attention. An external force, such as lightning in the book tangerine, causes paul to grow and change regarding his attitude about his brother Erik. For example,”Then I(paul) heard a strange sound… happy voices in the backyard. Erik and Arthur were laughing. I watched them in disbelief… They were two people who will benefit from Mike Costello's death.”(pg 52). This quoted evidence revealed that Paul realizes he's not the only one who Erik bullies, He also realizes how horrible Erik is. He is evil(Erik) …show more content…

In This situation, an emergency arose and many students got hurt. “Joey and I dug our heels into the mud about halfway down toward the bottom of the hole. We pulled and grabbed at lids as they made their way up the slippery incline to the top. Some of them were so frightened that they didn't want to let go of us…I must have pulled twenty kids up.” (pg 82). This evidence infers that during an emergency Paul was brave and jumped in to help others. He became a leader and faced down his fear, which made his self-confidence

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