Examples Of Perseverance In Batman Nightwalker

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Many believe that perseverance is something that will always affect you in a possible way, yet others see how perseverance can lead to someone's downfall or lead them to complications. Batman Nightwalker by Marie Lu demonstrates how Perseverance can lead someone to make senseless decisions. The concept of “Perseverance” is developed through the use of character, situational, and symbolic archetypes, Marie Lu demonstrates this by showing a character's development in completing their objective causing them to make decisions that aren't too rational and may affect them later on in the series. As Bruce becomes a young adult he comes into a phase of reality and maturity, “the initiate” is a great Archetype showing how certain events affect him (“Archetypes”).In Batman Nightwalker Bruce is portrayed as a young spoiled boy that lost his parents at a young age, but as he turns 18 receiving his parents will, “BRUCE WAYNE BLOWS NEW MONEY ON MILLION-DOLLAR CAR!” He tries to live up to his parents legacy but realizes how difficult and overwhelming it is to have such high standards from the public eye (Lu 11).Not only did his life completely change but he came to realize that with every action comes great responsibility …show more content…

“Father figure, housekeeper, adviser and personal assistant”,all characteristics that show what type of person Alfred is despite only being his butler “You are Marthas boy, hosting this event.She would be proud of you.” words Alfred told Bruce for one of his big events showing full support for his actions and his determination to do the best for the family's name and his parents legacy (Lu 9 ; “Character Archetypes: The Mentor.”

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