Examples Of Power In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a classic book in which most characters’ lives revolve around wealth, however, that wealth could not buy them happiness. It is illustrated by F. Scott Fitzgerald where most of the story includes wealth and power. It also includes the Pursuit of happiness by which Jay Gatsby’s tries to get back the love of his life Daisy. His downfall is witnessed by his one and only good friend Nick Carraway. On one side of the story it is about love and money, but on the other darker side it is about the destruction of society’s morals. The central idea is developed through textual evidence, setting, and symbolism.

Jay gatsby the protagonist of the book is a prime example of how money cannot buy you happiness. Jay gatsby had risen …show more content…

Another example is in the first chapter when it seems to nick (narrator) that Daisy is mad that she is being cheated on by tom. Even with all the money tom has for her, she still feels this way. To nick, it also seems that tom is not even happy when nick states that He has a "hard mouth and a supercilious manner". The fact that Daisy is mad that she is being cheated on also shows that she is not happy with all the wealth she has, she cares about her husband being faithful. It is also demonstrated when Tom is even unhappy, being one of the wealthiest men. Lastly at the end of Gatsby’s funeral in chapter 9 when no one shows up but his dad, Nick, and some servants. The fact that Gatsby had no friends but nick who he had known for a little while just further shows how even with the money he wasn't able to gain some friends. He had all this money and yet was still …show more content…

The Big, empty and dusty house represents Gatsby’s heart without Daisy. How even though he has money he is nothing without daisy, he has nothing to live for without daisy. This develops the central idea because it shows how his dream to get Daisy was more significant than his dream to be wealthy that he thought of as a kid. Another example of symbolism is his yellow and lavish car. His car represents his enormous wealth and extravagant life. It also represents his place in society. For example, he is wealthy but will never be approved in Daisy's world of old family names and inherited wealth. Tom alludes to this when he calls

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