Examples Of Rash Decisions In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet, although hailed as the best work of romantic literature, has many problems. Romeo and Juliet are impulsive in their actions and thoughts. Neither character thinks their decisions through and overall they spend just three days together. They both make rash decisions because they don't understand what love is. These rash decisions show that they don't truly love each other. Romeo first has eyes for Rosline, it seems as if he can't live without her. As soon as he learns Rosline does not love him, Romeo cries and moans that,”why such love's transgression, griefs of my own lie heavy in my breast”(1.1.180-181). Not soon after, Romeo is torn by Roslin not loving him. Romeo's friends decide to take him to a party to cheer him up. When Romeo is at the party he spots the “fairest maiden”, and magically forgets about Roslin. Romeo's new love interest is Juliet, as they dance without knowing each others identity, they kiss. This is an example that Romeo does not truly love Juliet because instead of Romeo learning about who she is and what her personality is, he falls in love with what she looks like. …show more content…

Juliet's nurse finds out Romeo is a Montague and so all Juliet can do about it is squall about that her only love sprung from her only hate. On the same night, Romeo comes to Juliet's balcony secretly. When Romeo calls to Juliet she replies with ,“what man art thou, thus bescreened in night, so stublest on my counsel”(2.2.52-53), clearly illustrating that she has no idea who is in the shadows. Then, when Romeo replies and announces it is him, Juliet says she knew it was Romeo, a clear lie. Juliet does not love Romeo, she doesn't even recognize his voice, it takes her a minute to figure out it must be Romeo. She gets bored of Romeo talking about getting married and tells him to leave many times clearly not caring about what Romeo has to

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