Examples Of Respect In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Respect is a hand, calling out, waving, waiting to be picked on to express its views on a topic. People look up to it, and, consequently, admire its nobility and intelligence. The book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is set during the time of the Great Depression and the Jim Crow laws, when black people and white people did not have the same rights as each other. The book is told from the point of view of Scout, a young girl, and the story is a reminiscence of her childhood. Her father, Atticus, is appointed as the lawyer for the trial of a man named Tom Robinson. Tom is called to court by Mayella Ewell, a young white girl, who accuses Tom of raping her. Because Atticus accepts the case, he faces many dilemmas. Even faced with these predicaments from the Ewell family and other families in town, Atticus and his family are still ranked high on the Maycomb caste system because he has been to law school, which not many people could afford to do at this time. Thus, Atticus is respected throughout the town of Maycomb, by both black and white residents, before and after Tom Robinson’s trial takes place. To begin with, the white people in Maycomb respect Atticus because of his dedication and commitment. Correspondingly, Jem is reading the newspaper one summer morning when Scout comes up behind him to see if there is anything interesting. Specifically, “We were surprised one morning to see a cartoon in the Montgomery Advertiser above the caption, ‘Maycomb’s Finch.’ It showed

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