Examples Of Satire In The Great Gatsby

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The 1920’s, America booming with newly found individuality, independence, and freedom that bared from the fallout of World War 1, a time where practically penniless men turned into billionaires overnight, and back again within the next, where women could dress, do, and go wherever they desired, but above all, what began to determined the world of some, that determined the world of many. “The Great Gatsby”, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a perfect example of this truth. This literary piece exemplifies a almost satire like critique of American life in the 1920’s. Each character of “The Great Gatsby” display a certain quality of a particular persona of the middle to high white social classes that were common at the time. All of which are observed by the self righteous judgemental eyes of Nick Carraway, through him we observe immoral, ill content, and irrational actions that enact all in the name of the pursuance of love and happiness.

Nick, a man of many conceptions, interacts mainly with four other characters that only one of which he held no contempt towards when all was said and done. That character being Jay Gatsby, was in many ways the embodiment of …show more content…

As for Gatsby, his reluctant love for Daisy unraveled his own undoing. For Daisy, who lost the man she loved, would bare her rash, obliviously arrogant husband Tom, who would never change and due to that fact will always fail to find content in his life. Jordan and Nick fallout due to conflicting lives, personalities, and temperaments. No character escaped the reality that is misfortune, just as no American, nor human, no matter what manner they steered their life, misfortune is

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