Examples Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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Extended Essay: American dream in the USA of the 1920’s, as depicted by “The Great Gatsby” by F. S. Fitzgerald Introduction The modern American literature is a topic as broad as it can be; there is, however, one novel which often appears as the one called “the greatest American novel of all times”. The novel in question is “The great Gatsby”, written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald and published in April of 1925. [1] There are a number of reasons for why it is deemed so special, with its’ current position in modern pop culture and status of a classic, compulsory for every reader. One of the major causes is the layered meaning, which leaves whole lot of room for interpretation. Initially, “The Great Gatsby” can be seen as a painfully typical love story. As much as it is pretentious and unfortunate, it is a love story nonetheless. What makes it different than the average romantic novel is the symbolism and meaning that lays underneath the expensive lives of Nick Careaway and his upstart friends. The themes of “The Great Gatsby” are diverse and incoherently complex. The variety of motives and characteristics make reading the novel a sincerely unique experience, since the story and its’ morals will usually be what the readers makes them out to be in the end. In my essay, I will try to answer the following question: to what extent is social status an indicator of happiness? To achieve that, I will focus on the portrayal of the American dream in “The Great Gatsby” and the stories and

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