Examples Of Voyeurism In Rear Window

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Hitchcock's mystery film “Rear Window”, took place in 1954. explores the theme of voyeurism as uncontrollable action that everyone can be guilty of. Due to Senator Joseph Mcarthy encouraging citizens to spy on their neighbours in the 1950s, voyeurism wasn't seen as crime. Nevertheless, Throughout the film there are many evidence and signs verifying that everybody is guilty of voyeurism

The first sign of voyeurism occurs during a helicopter scene. Hitchock employs film techniques such as a long shot on the women sunbathing followed by a mid shot on the helicopter. Using these techniques the viewers can perceive that the helicopter was watching the sunbathing women from above. Through these particular scenes Hitchcock demonstrates the habitual customs of voyeurism. Furthermore, the camera maintained at the rear window throughout the whole film. Hence showing that the film was taken in Jeff's point of view. Therefore since the camera was turned towards the women it proves that Jeff was watching them as well.

Another sign of voyeurism is seen during the first encounter with Doyle. The use of an extreme long shot on Miss Torso followed by a close-up on Doyle shows that Doyle was watching Mrs Torso …show more content…

This is seen when Jeff looks at Miss Torso from his window. While this happens the film goes into a close-up of Jeff's face. Through this, Hitchcock was able to illustrate to the audience that Jeff was looking at Mrs. Torso due to her sexual attractiveness. In the next scene, Stella walks through the door and calls Jeff a “peeping tom”. Because the film was taken in the 1950s, being a peeping tom or a stalker for sexual desire is considered illegal. However, although it's illegal, Jeff continued to do so. This is due to the fact that our human nature is subjected to our innate sexual desires triggered by attraction. Hence, this validates Hitchock's message of everyone being guilty of

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