How Does Hitchcock Create Tension In Rear Window

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Rear Window is perhaps one greatest films in history. Directed by legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock, Rear Window is a mystery thriller based on the short story “It Had to Be Murder.” Rear Window tells of a photographer, Jeff, who had broken his leg in an accident. Confined to his apartment, he passes the time by looking out his window. During this time, he became obsessed with the theory that one of his neighbours, Thorwald, murdered his wife. By using brilliant film techniques and tactics, it turns what seems to be an ordinary movie talking about relationship problems to a thriller with twists and turns all around the place.
Possibly the most interesting and thrilling scene in Rear Window is Thorwald’s visit to Jeff at the end of …show more content…

The sounds, camera shots and lighting used as Jeff waits for Thorwald to eventually reach his apartment is wonderful. His room is completely dark and lack and any sounds symbolised how alone he is and that he will have to face Thorwald, a murderer, alone. Jeff glancing around the room and watching the door completely terrified also adds to the tense atmosphere. When Thorwald arrives and opens the door, he is completely silhouetted, symbolising how evil and threating he is. On the other hand, Jeff, who is also silhouetted, is small and not as threating as Thorwald, showing how weak and defenceless he is compared to Thorwald. Hitchcock further increases the tense atmosphere by delaying the inevitable fight thorough a short conversation Thorwald and Jeff have. Instead of Thorwald running towards Jeff, he marches slowly at Jeff, showing how helpless Jeff is. Jeff, using camera flashes to delay Thorwald was another tactic Hitchcock used to increase the tense atmosphere and create suspense. Once Thorwald reaches Jeff, Jeff calls out to Lisa and Doyle (one of Jeff’s friend and detective) making the audience think that Jeff is now safe since he as backup from both the police and his friends. But Thorwald decides to throw Jeff out the window, renewing the tense atmosphere and suspense from before. After Thorwald was captured and Jeff is holding on to the ledge of the window, Hitchcock decides to go for one final twist and make Jeff fall

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