Exemplification Essay: The Power Of Laila

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However, one the other hand it can also be argued that although the women in the respective novels face condemnation and hardship, Laila is seen to triumph against all odds with the help of her friend Mariam. Laila is seen to represent the new generation of women and with the inspiration of her father, who believed in progressive women’s rights, she was able to persevere and be bold. She was born on a significant day, "A revolutionary council of the armed forces has been established, and our watan will now be known as the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan," Abdul Qader said. "The era of aristocracy, nepotism, and inequality is over, fellow hamwatans. We have ended decades of tyranny. Power is now in the hands of the masses and freedom-loving people. A glorious new era in the history of our …show more content…

The new regime will maintain the utmost respect for principles, both Islamic and democratic. This is a time of rejoicing and celebration." This is symbolic as she was born on the night of a coup where the people fought for their freedom and rights, in the same way she fought for her own freedom from Rasheed. Although it is ironic that she was born on such a momentous night, she had to struggle before she could overcome and triumph in the end. Hakeem’s push for Laila’s education which was provided by the Soviets helped Laila think progressively and fight for freedom and rebel against the strict regime. She used her smarts to plan an escape, which failed but she took initiate which is more than Mariam had managed to do during her several years of marriage. She wouldn’t accept the violence in their household,"I wasn't raised in a household where people did things like that. "This is your household now. You ought to get used to it." "Not to that. I won’t.”” Laila and Mariam survived their abusive marriage by building a strong bond and friendship which was fulfilled when Mariam scarfriced herself for Laila and the

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