Summary Of Harlem By Walter Dean Myers

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Harlem Walter Dean Myers/ Christopher Myers Fiction; Grade 2 Setting; Tone/Style Summary In this poem, the author Walter Dean Myers reminisces about the city he considers home and elaborates on the features of African American Culture that made it so wonderful. As the author describes the art, music, and sheer personality that existed in this city teeming with ambition, he uses powerful imagery to portray the “Yellow, tan, brown, black, red/ Green, gray, bright/ Colors loud enough to be heard/ Light on asphalt streets/ Sun yellow shirts on burnt umber/ Bodies/ Demanding to be heard/ Seen.” Activities My Community: Students will represent elements of their community through some form of artwork (sculpture, poem, drawing, collage, etc.). …show more content…

She reflects on how much Pakistan has changed since the Taliban had gained so much power. Suddenly an extremist breaks into the bus and shoots Malala in the head. Malala survives the violent ambush, and fights for change. In this autobiographical account, Malala details she and her family’s experience as refugees. Using this hardship as fuel, Malala zealously fights for equality in education. Suggestions/Activities Ted Talk: After reading the novel, students will watch the Ted Talk “My Daughter Malala” by Ziauddin Yousafzai. After watching this 17-minute video, students will have a discussion about what they viewed. They will be prompted to broach upon points such as how the story/video touched them, how both Malala and her father’s experiences/point of view differ, and the impact Malala had on the future of education in both her country and the entire world. Make a Poster: Students will find their favorite quote by Malala and make a poster surrounding this quote. On the poster, students will answer the following questions: -Why do I like this quote? -What does Malala mean by this? -Why is this quote significant? -What does this quote mean to

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