Existentialism Essay: What Is The Meaning Of Life

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Baggini keeps asking questions for what is the meaning of life through the chapters. Questions are bringing up in all the stages from birth to death. Though questions have been raising continuously, the answer of what is the meaning of life is not yet figured out. To discuss whether what is the meaning of our life, Julian Baggini quoted stories and sayings from different people, such as, Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Satre and Soren Kierkegaard. He had also tried to lead us in searching the meaning of life from the past to the future of our life by using three different perspectives. The three positions illustrated by Baggini’s book including naturalism, creationism and existentialism will be explained in the following paragraphs in part A. Existentialism would be adopted to explain two of the controversial issues in the world which are suicide and abortion in part B.
Naturalism refers to the theory that everything in the world and our life is based on natural causes and laws, and not on spiritual or supernatural ones (Hornby & Turnbull, 2010). Our life is just an accidental existence in the world and, therefore, we have no responsibility in finding our life’s meaning. Baggini tried to use the genetic fallacy which built an invalid relationship between the origin of one’s life and the meaning of one’s life to tell us that we do have responsibility for our own life. We could not passively think that we are defined by the universe as an accident.

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