Carl Rogers Theory Of Personality: A Psychological Case Study

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Introduction The personality perspective has been described by many theorists in order to explain behaviors behind a functioning person. There has been legendary theorists’ underlying this perspective, with different views and observations of understanding personalities exceptionally well. Regardless of lack of prominence in some approaches, their terminology and ideas still influence psychology today (Meyer, 2008). Only the two theories of Carl Rogers and Victor Frankl have been applied in the case study of Thapelo and Lerato. The Carl Rogers theory of the self-concept will explain the development and structure of personality, whereas Victor Frankl’s theory will explain the meaning of life as a dynamic of personality. Carl Rogers’s personality …show more content…

Throughout his work, Franklin (1978, 2003 in Damasio et al, 2013) suggested that the search for meaning of life was human beings’ main motivation, and that meaning in life serves a fundamental component of people’s psychological and subjective well-being. Meaning in life can be defined as the perception of order and coherence in one’s own existence, along with the pursuit and achievement of goals which results in a feeling of existential accomplishment. From the case study, it is clearly indicate that Thapelo has been suffering from insomnia, loss of appetite accompanied by difficulties in concentrating at times sleeping in his bed for the entire weekend. Generally Thapelo feels demotivated. This has again unfortunately manifested for a period of more than 5weeks. More so, since the death of his daughter, he has been having suicidal thoughts. This all according to Franklin (2013), is associated with Thapelo having lost a sense of the meaning to his life as he is not working towards accomplishing the goal. This could be the goal of working on finding mechanisms in which he can use in order to deal with the death of his daughter. This can eventually according to the notion around the theory of the meaning to life as argued by Franklin in (Damasio et al, 2013) result in the feeling …show more content…

Although this may not have appeared to be problematic at face value it however appears to becomes a problem when they begin experiencing problems in their marriage. Whereas Lerato does not seem to have a problem with seeking help form a counsellor, Thapelo has no intension of doing so as his spiritual leader does not believe in Psychology. Moreover, Victor Frankl’s theory of the meaning of life states that meaning in life can be found in three principal ways such as the creative things we do, the uplifting things we experience and the kind of attitude we have towards situations of unavoidable suffering and they are referred to as values (Meyer, 2008). The value of attitude in Frankl’s theory of the meaning of life explains the values we experience through the right attitudes we have towards life. Meaning, having the right attitudes towards pain, guilt and death that confront us all the

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