Reflection Of Personality Theory

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Personality is defined as the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual 's unique character. Personality theory is the approaches to understanding the “What”, “How” and “When” of characteristics and features that make up an individual 's personality. An insight into personality is important to understand the function of a person’s mind. By doing this you would be able to understand and observe your own psyche from an outside perspective, interact with others better and understand why they do what they do or predict how someone may react to something. My personality can be describe as Introverted since I am reserved, practical and quiet. When making a decision I prefer to analyse my surroundings, check the facts and concluded to practical solutions instead of making assumptions. When the decision is made I will gather the necessary information needed to achieve my goals and if working with others I expect them to grasp the situation immediately and take action. I have little to no tolerance for indecisiveness and assumptions in situations where there is a deadline because it is expected that persons hold their own. My obligations are my main priority even if personal matters have to suffer. I tend to lead or prefer to work alone in order to produce high quality results. My personality as it relates to my friendships and relationships are direct. I choose based on the logic of quality over quantity. That is, instead of having many

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