Reflection On Personality Development

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1.0 Introduction

This is an individual assignment. This assignment is for KMC1093 Personality Development course in order to pass the course. First of all, personality development is associated with psychological aspects which are included cognitive, behaviour and emotion. It is believed that everybody has their own way to interacting with the other people and with their social environment. There are three components in the nature of personality. The first component stated that the personality reflects individual differences. Every individual have its own characteristics. Second component is a statement that personality is consistent and enduring, and the last component claimed that personality can change. There are many factors can influence the personality development which are heredity, parental characteristic, person’s cohort, birth order, normative age-graded influences, normative history-graded influences, non-normative life events, culture, and normative socio cultural-graded influences.
This assignment needs a student to share a life story that is meaningful to his/her life. Besides that, students also have to apply some component and theories of personality development in their discussion about their life story. This will led to a deep learning process in understanding on what students had learn in this course by reflecting their own experiences.

2.0 My Story

I am a mix blood born because my father is Chinese and my mother is Iban. I am the oldest

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