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Romeo and Juliet Essay- Prompt #3 In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the feud between the family of the Montagues and the Capulets is a theme that may go over some people’s heads. The nemesis families and their feuds get in the way of their children’s love. This is often perceived as a family who is controlling and dictates a child's life, without letting them make decisions without the consent of others. Commonly, there is always another meaning to the story. On top of that, certain characters can bring out deeper more meaningful themes, and those people are often reflections of Shakespeare’s intended morals and a reflection that embodies Shakespeare as well. A theme that stands out that others may not have caught onto right away is that foolish and petty actions bring on miscommunications and irreversible outcomes. The families wanted nothing to do with each other in a way that showed pettiness and they did not realize what was happening outside of themselves, they may have had good intentions of protecting the family name but the outcome was bad. A line from Friar Laurence says “Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied, and vice sometime’s by action dignified” (Romeo and Juliet 2.3: 21-22) . The families wanted to protect their family name without trouble. In result both Romeo and Juliet died by committing suicide since …show more content…

Shakespeare can show parts of his own traits in each character for example the nurse and her crude humor. But, Friar laurence best resembles Shakespeare. Friar Laurence is a holy man who is trusted and respected by everyone, similar to how shakespeare is perceived. The prince says “We still have thee as a holy man” (Romeo and Juliet 5.3: 270) he also states “This letter make good the friar’s words” (Romeo and Juliet 5.3: 286). These show that the Prince takes Friars word and has high regard for him, explaining why he best embodies

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