Friar Lawrence's Suicide

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The play produced by William Shakespeare 'Romeo and Juliet' highlights the conflicts amid two adolescent sweethearts. Romeo and Juliet belong to a pair of feuding households and are required to keep their love affair secret. The couple ends up dying to an unexpected shift of circumstances. Romeo and Juliet commit suicide following Friar Lawrence's proposal collapsed. Romeo and Juliet's parents are partially blamed for their deaths since the fathers didn't make any effort to resolve their disagreements. That's why Romeo and Juliet decided to keep their love confidential. Nevertheless, the individual who contributed the greatest to their deaths is Friar Lawrence. He caused this catastrophe by getting involved as an advisor. Romeo and Juliet trusted him with their secrets, throughout their lives, and plays a significant role in bringing the two together. However, he made a hasty decision attempting to help Juliet avoid marrying Paris. …show more content…

The friar conducted the wedding even though he comprehended that it would furthermore produce predicaments between the families. Friar Lawrence did not evaluate the negatives of the situation. Instead, he had some slender optimism that the union would end the long-drawn dispute amongst the Montague and Capulet households. This alliance may so happy prove to turn your households rancor to pure love (Shakespeare, 411). According to this comment, the friar's intentions were pure, but he did not think of the possible outcomes of his actions. The fact that he consents to wed Romeo and Juliet privately rather than encouraging them to confront their families reveals how he set their deaths into

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