The Causes Of Friar Lawrence To Blame For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet

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Have you ever said you love someone so much you’d die? Well, this story is literal. Two star-crossed lovers meet, fall in love, are forbidden to be together, and due to unfortunate events, decide to kill themselves. Who’s to blame for their death? The blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet is Friar Lawrence, the Capulets, and fate. Friar Lawrence can be the blame for Romeo and Juliets death because he married them, gave Juliet the sleeping poison, and tried to hide his tracks. The reason he married them was because he thought that if the two of them were to be together, it would bring their feuding houses to love each other (Act 2, Scene 3). He gave Juliet the sleeping poison so she could fake her own death to get out of marriage with Paris (Act 4, Scene 1). Because of this, the entire plan when down the rabbit hole. He then tried to hide his own tracks by taking Juliet away from the crime scene, but she refused to leave ( Act 5, Scene 3). These reasons can lead to the blame of the deaths of Romeo and Juliet onto Friar Lawrence. …show more content…

The reason the Capulets forbid them to be together is because they have been feuding with the Montagues for ages and still have not stopped their petty fights (Prologue). They were forcing Juliet to marry another because she was getting too old to not be married and Paris had caught their eye (Act 1, Scene 3). They also knew nothing of her and Romeo’s marriage. They called Juliet baggage because she said she wouldn’t marry Paris (Act 3, Scene

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