Friar Lawrence To Blame In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet After all the tragedies in Romeo and Juliet who is to blame? In Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare there are a lot of different characters you could think to blame. Romeo and Juliet for disobeying their parents rules, Juliet’s family for not talking to her, Romeo’s friends for not trying to stop him. But, Friar Lawrence is the character most to blame for the tragic events in Romeo and Juliet because he married the couple without their parents permission, didn’t help them go down the right path, and not telling their parents about all the plans that had been made. Friar Lawrence is the most to blame for the events that occur in Romeo and Juliet because he let them marry without their parents permission. Juliet and Romeo’s marriage was a secret to everyone around except for Friar who married them. Keeping this from their families was causing tragedies to occur because keeping a secret that big was bound to be found out. In act 2 scene 3 Romeo tells Friar that he was him to marry himself and Juliet. Friar knows that her family name is Romeo’s enemy but he marries them anyway at the end of Act 2. The quote means that Friar does know that he shouldn’t be marrying them because Romeo as told him but he does it anyway. By Friar ignoring the fact that Romeo and Juliet’s …show more content…

When Romeo killed Tybalt he was banished from where he lived and after he hears that Romeo is upset. In act 3 scene 3 Friar says “ Go, get thee to thy love, as we decreed. Ascend her chamber.Hence and comfort her.But look thou stay not till the watch be set.” He is giving Romeo an idea to go see Juliet before he must go, Friar knows that he has told Romeo to break the rules though. The quote means that Friar told Romeo to go sneak into Juliet’s house to say goodbye before he leaves town. Friar has given Romeo a bad idea that would cause him to break the

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