Who Is To Blame For Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Most people believe that romance brings love and affection, but when taken to the extreme, it can lead to tragedy and despair. Romeo and Juliet may be the most famous of the great literary tragedies. The feud between the Montagues and Capulets prohibits the love and ultimately results in the death of the “star-crossed lovers”. It may be difficult to truly determine who is to blame for the tragedy because their lives were influenced and affected by many figures. But the question is, who is most to blame for the death of the two lovers? I believe that Friar Lawrence is to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet. He easily could have prevented their love from being too strong by not marrying them. If he didn’t act so courageously and think that their marriage would end …show more content…

In the prologue, it is said that “A pair of starcrossed lovers [will] take their lives” (Prologue, Line 6) so, no matter the events that occur, Romeo and Juliet will end up dead. Fate’s second appearance in the play is when their eyes met at the Capulet party and when they spoke for the first time. During the Palmers sonnet, both lovers were so passionately and the connection was so immediate that they had to be under the influence of fate. . In Act Three Scene One, Fate is foreshadowing the death of the two lovers. Immediately after he kills Tybalt in a duel, Romeo declares he is "fortune's fool" (A3S1 line 142). This seems to suggest that fate or "fortune" is responsible for Tybalt's death, not Romeo. In Act 3 scene 5, Juliet says she has an “ill-diving soul” and that she will see Romeo next in a tomb. She is foretelling the future, which means fate is affecting her thoughts and ideas. Finally, in Act 5 Scene 1, Romeo threatens the stars by saying “Then I deny you, stars!” (A5S1 line 25) but the stars, or fate, has already decided on Romeo’s downfall so anything he does or doesn’t do is just part of fate’s

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