Factors That Encouraged Commercial Growth In The Post Classical Era

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1. There were many new technologies that enabled the growth of interregional trade networks and development. Among these were the astrolabe, the compass, and forms of credit. Other technologies such as improvement in writing and accounting systems and ocean ready ships also helped to enable the growth of interregional trade networks and agricultural development. This is because all of these technologies in some way help to contribute to trade and/or agriculture which is extremely important for this era.

2. There were many factors that encouraged commercial growth in the post classical era. Among these were new trading organizations, state practices, and state-sponsored commercial infrastructures. But, the main factor was that the trade routes …show more content…

During the post-classical era, there were biological effects due to trade. Trade was a very essential part of the post-classical era and was basically how everything was facilitated. Due to this, it was very popular and lead to many biological effects. One main effect was the diffusion of crops during this era. Another effect of trade routes was the spread of pathogens throughout the Eastern Hemisphere.

8. In the post-classical era, there were new forms of governance that emerged. Two new forms of governance that emerged were caliphate and papacy. Caliphate basically put political and religious government ideas into one form of governance. Papacy, another new form of governance, became more popular and stronger in Europe. This was mainly because they added religious monarchs to coincide with the temporary monarchs within that continent.

9. In the post-classical era, there were pre-existing labor systems that continued from the classical era. Some of these labor systems include nomadic pastoralism, free peasant agriculture, craft production, and guild organization. They also developed new labor forms during this era as well. One of these includes serfdom in Europe and Japan. They also formed a new labor form as the demand of slaves began to

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