Interregional Trade Dbq Essay

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Trading has always been an integral way in which people spread technological ideas, religion, culture, etc. Some religions such as Islam have put the importance of merchantry in their holy book the Quran. Some people like the chinese wanted to impress people with their treasure fleets. However, in order for most people to trade there has to be a routes people they will take to reach their destination. This brings me to the following reason why interregional trading increased. Interregional trade increased because massive trading routes on land and on water increased along with an improvement in technology. This DBQ will cover the importance of trade routes. Especially the Silk Road, Indian Ocean, etc. It will also cover …show more content…

The silk road which was maintained by the Mongol empire which was the largest overland empire in history. This means that it is easier to go from one place to the other now. Just like in document 5 it is mentioned how the roads to China were one of the safest. This is because the mongol empire had made the roads safer by adding additional security to prevent bandits from attacking the merchant. The revival of the Silk Road by the Mongols, who controlled such vast amounts of land, meant that goods from countries like Turkey made there way to China much easier and goods that entered the empire from Europe moved around within the empire quicker or vice versa. Even in the time of the Abbasid caliphate people would gather around Baghdad because it had everything (Doc 3). This is because Islamic merchants had a handbook which pushed them to go out to trade and spread their religion. …show more content…

Zheng he began establishing trade networks with several regions across the indian ocean. His treasure fleets impressed most of the people he met, with some claims suggesting that his ships were about 100m+ in length. What started during the early 1400’s lasted all the way into the 1700’s. The chinese established a trading relation with many coastal areas and began trading with them through the ocean. This all started with China wanting to spread their strength and influence across the Indian Ocean this can be seem in document 6 which talks about how everyone wanted chinese goods. The Mediterranean was Active as well with their trade and it connected people from Italy, Middle East, and Africa. Goods that were native to Africa now made its ways to Europe and Began spreading through Europe and connected slightly isolated countries like England and Ireland with other countries

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