Fahrenheit 451 Suicide Quotes

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Bradbury justifies to warn us that isolation from others lead to suicide because of all the influence of technology that was brought into their dark, dystopian, book-despising world. Technology took over everyone from their new “Wall-TV’s” to the “seashell,” being what they spend all their time on everyday, cutting off most interaction with other humans, leading to the thoughts of suicide. Early in the book, readers notice several attempts of people trying to kill themselves as well as each other; because the audience notices that they know they are not in a content state with all the things going on around them, especially the lack of socializing. There are many situations where Montag sees and realizes that a lot of people are losing their …show more content…

Montag said in his thoughts, “Besides, these fanatics always try suicide; the pattern’s familiar” revealing that it’s so noticeable that the loneliness there society brings them will lead to suicide which is understood by Montag. (39). This shows that even though Montag is one of the fireman who burn the books, he is not even on their sides because Montag is does not agree in the controlling technology. He knows why these citizens are trying to kill themselves, which is because they have no one else like them reading knowledge from books. Furthermore, Montag says how much he sees pursuits of suicide which have became a routine to him already since no one has human contact anymore. The entertainment, the officials supply to try to content them is all taking over the people which is synthetic satisfaction instead of getting happiness from actual connection to others. In Montag’s society suicide was a trend brought all around the book since people knew that lonely couldn’t pleasure them. “In the middle of the crying Montag knew if for the truth. Beatty had wanted to

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