Fahrenheit 51 Society Quotes

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Society can change a person positively or negatively. In the novel Fahrenheit 51, by Ray Bradbury, Mildred is the wife of the main character Guy Montag. Society has made Mildred feel self-centered, robotic, and unfeeling. First, Mildred is self-centered. She loves her TV’s, in fact, she already has three of them. On page 18, Mildred asks Montag for a fourth TV. She states, “How long you figure before we save up and get the fourth wall torn out and a fourth wall-TV put in? It’s only two thousand dollars.” To which Montag responds, “That’s one-third of my yearly pay.” Society has made Mildred feel as though she needs the fourth wall-TV. On page 55, Captain Beatty states, “technology makes people happy.” Society has made Mildred and everyone else, believe that technology is a necessity in living out a happy life. The result, is a whole lot of self-centered people, including Mildred. …show more content…

On page 39 the book describes that Mildred, “was listening to far people in far places, her eyes wide and staring at the fathoms of blackness above her in the ceiling.” This is a good description of how Mildred spaces out and does not pay attention to things around her, much like a robot. Society has shown her another world in the seashells inside her ears. On page 52 Captain Beatty says, “flings off all unnecessary time-wasting thought”. Captain Beatty is trying to explain that society has made people less aware in order to reduce thought because, that is what supposedly makes people happy. All of the technology that society told Mildred she needs has caused her to act in a robotic

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