False Promise Of Gun Control Essay

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The False Promise of Gun Control The fight over gun regulation in the United States dates back to the country's formation, when the writers of the Constitution drafted the Second Amendment, which allows private persons to "keep and bear weapons." After President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, gun control became a much greater issue. Gun control is dictating who can buy, sell, and use certain classes of firearms. There are reasons that these laws are in place in order to protect citizens from people that use firearms unlawfully and that can cause us harm if they intend to use them for any crime including but not limited to school shootings, robbing, to scaring people, and many more acts of crime. The argument for stricter …show more content…

However, these countries with strict gun control laws have a lower crime rate than in the States. Gun control has been a major political topic in the United States for a while. It's a discussion between two political parties with split views with one side saying guns are the main reason the crime rate is high and steadily rising so they want more gun control laws to protect them while the other side says that gun control laws are to strict and its stripping the legitimate users of firearms who are stripped of their freedom, their right to protect themselves, and ultimately thier second amendment right. A substantial correlation exists between laws that make it easier for civilians to carry handguns and declines in violent crime, according to recent major studies cited by Polsby. The reasoning is simple: thieves avoid armed victims. The murder rate for adults over the age of twenty-five has decreased in part because American homes are now better armed compared to two decades ago. ”It has become a bipartisan article of faith that more handguns cause more violence. Such was the unequivocal conclusion of the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence in 1969, and such is now the editorial opinion of virtually every influential newspaper and magazine, from The Washington Post to The Economist to the Chicago Tribune” (Polsby). Polsby takes a logical approach with the use of pathos on how gun control laws are hurting us more than they are helping

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