Farenheit 451 Dystopian Analysis

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In one of Ray Bradbury’s novel, Farenheit 451, the author portrays a dystopian society throughout part two, The Sieve and the Sand. One reason the society is dystopian is because of the ordinary citizens, like Mildred, is dependent on technology. In the middle of the afternoon, Montag wanted to read books with his wife so they read books together but as he was reading the book aloud, Mildred noticed, “The parlor was dead and [she] kept peering in at it with a blank expression” (Bradbury 71). While Montag is so focused on the book that he is reading, Mildred worries about the parlor, her ‘family’. She cannot live without technology because she doesn’t give any effort for other things even for a short amount of time besides watching the parlor.

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