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Our Helper, Our Mask A smash rang throughout the house. A sound of glass shattering echoed through the house. An angry mom walked into the kitchen. “Who broke the cookie jar?” Her son and daughter stood on the opposite side of the counter both with innocent looks in their eyes. “ I didn 't do it,” her daughter whispered mumbled. “I didn 't do it either,” said the son. Does this scene look familiar? One of the children is wearing a mask of innocence. Whether the child’s intentions are good or bad, this mask of innocence helps the wearer get what he/she needs which is not to get caught. Even though we many not know it, we all wear masks to meet our needs such as to gain acceptance, for protection, and even for money. Even if the wearer 's intentions are good or bad, masks always are useful and help the wearer get what he or she needs. One of the important needs people have is to protect themselves. Wearing a mask is one way people do this. In the books, Fatal Flower by…show more content…
Masks can benefit the wearer and can help the them get what they need . The intentions of the mask wearer could be good or bad. Whichever it is, Masks always help the wearer get what he/she needs. Masks can be used to impress and gain acceptance from others. Masks can also be used to protect the wearer from harmful situations and even death. In “The Fatal Flower,” Gem masks her identity to prevent herself from getting killed. Her life from ending. During the story The Red-Headed League, the pawnbroker shop was used to mask and protect Victor Spaulding from being caught. In the story 7th Grade, Victor pretended to know French, and he successfully impressed his crush. Lastly, in The Medicine Bag, Cheryl and her brother told lies about their Sioux grandpa so their friends could be impressed. In this world, people wrestle with the situation whether to mask their identity or show it. So what will you do? Will you show your real personality? Or will you wear your mask to help you get

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