Summary Of How Flowers Changed The World

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Fitting the pieces of corroboration on how the flowers changed the world, a critique

The essay “How Flowers Changed the World” is a popular excerpt from The Immense Journey, written by American natural science writer, Loren Eiseley that discusses the significance of the rise of flowers on the evolution of living organisms. Eiseley implied that flowers carry many different significant attributes to the growth of living organisms may it be for animals, for other plants, and for humankind. Loren Eiseley discussed that during the first ages, plants were dependent on water for their growth that led many swamps and watercourses surrounding the earth with the vast and bare land. Moreover, as these plants may adapt these conditions, it can be deemed normal; But Eiseley said, “there is nothing very “normal” about Nature. Once upon a time, there were no flowers at all.” Further implicating that without the emergence of flowers, the world wouldn’t be considered as a whole. Eiseley’s main purpose is to allude the readers into thinking that there are many other possible reasons as to why the world came to be, and his reason is the emergence of the angiosperms. The Immense Journey was specifically written to discuss the history of humanity, however Eiseley’s “How Flowers Changed the World” was written in a way to combine science and humanity in a poetic manner. Eiseley supported his claims through writing that due to pollen carried by flowers, pollination occurs resulting in a vast

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