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History CA – Part C In 1929 the US experienced a huge change in economy known as the ‘Wall Street Crash’, this was the largest economic bust in American history. During the time of the economic depression, the president was Herbert Hoover, a republican who strongly believed in laissez faire, which essentially meant that he believed that things should be left alone, and not interfered with. Hoover believed that things would sort themselves out by themselves within a matter of time. For the citizens of the United States, this was seen as Hoover being useless, and not even attempting to make a change to the society, which was in ruins. Eventually, people started to realise this and turn against Hoover, blaming him for the deteriorating state of their country. In 1932, a new president was elected, Franklin D Roosevelt or more commonly known as FDR. …show more content…

Upon first look, Rep 1 seems fairly accurate, this is due to the fact that was published on an official government website, which means that the information would be more or less reliable. However it is written by Frank Freidel, who is the same man that wrote the biography of FDR. However, despite the fact that it may be biased, it does include both positive and negative points, back up with facts and statistics, which shows that the rep may be fairly accurate. From this we can infer that it may be leaning towards presenting FDR and The New Deal as a positive thing. Rep 2, the cartoon was published in a standard daily newspaper, which may show that it is not as official. Rather than providing stats and facts, Rep 2 is simply a cartoon, presenting FDR in a negative light, which shows that it is extremely biased against him, indicating that it may not be accurate. Rep 3 however shows both positive and negative points about FDR, it is also a fairly official, as it was published in a political magazine. In my opinion, this makes Rep 3 the most accurate

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