Fear In The Scarlet Letter

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Fear is an emotional response created amongst ourselves due to a sense of some sort of danger or threat. Fear is not only something one feels within but is also the root of the change in behavior. When fearing something or someone our first instinct is to hide or flee away from what is causing us to feel that way. It is an unpleasant emotion that only prevents a person from achieving their beliefs or goals. In human and animals, fear has been something that is seen as natural and has been normalized ever since the first creature to exist. There are several reasons on why fear is even created in the first place. For example people may fear disapproval, embarrassment, failure, social rejection, and or being alone. The amount of different types of fears is endless. It all comes down to just one particular fear which is not fitting in. This is called conformity; it is going along with a group and modeling your response to theirs on the way. People are afraid to state their own opinions and speak their minds which only results on them following someone else’s ideas even if they do not agree with it. …show more content…

In fact it can be considered as one of the darkest times in history. In the novel , The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne tells a story about a puritan woman who commited adultery and was not killed only because she was conceived. She was judged by nearly everyone in her town, even years later when her daughter grew up. If anyone were to be nice or even treat her in a good way they would be viewed as an enemy so nobody even dared. The townspeople all wanted to be apart of a group and that group consisted of shunning anyone who disobeyed the Ten Commandments. Later on, some believed that it was ridiculous to treat someone who did such good to the community so poorly and it grew from there. Most ended up accepting the idea of being nice to the adulter, since they wanted to be in a group more people decided to do the

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