Figurative Language In 'He Died From A Broken Heart'

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He died from a broken heart
Poetry is more than just words thrown onto a piece of paper. Poetry puts emotions into words. People write poetry to express their feelings. People read poetry if they feel alone or if they want to relate to someone. We reflect on ourselves. Some poets use figurative language to express their emotions and this then makes the reader relate to them. In the poem, “He died from a broken heart,” by Cassanova, the reader can relate to the Author because of the use of figurative language that shows the immense love he had for his significant other.
In the poem, the main character falls deeply in love with a girl. In the first stanza, the author writes, “He always wore a frown, till he seen the angel across.” The author uses a metaphor to compare the girl to an angel. This shows that he finds her beauty to be heavenly and how much attraction he feels for her. The reader can relate to this because at some point they have seen someone or something that makes them joyful. The author then proceeds to write, “One day he met her, it was like a sign, she was so pretty, just endless like time,” the author uses similes to compare her beauty to time. Time is infinite and never ending just like her beauty and the love he has for her. The reader can relate to this because of the unconditional love they feel for someone in their lives. Later in the poem, the poet writes, “ Together they fell in deep love real fast, vowed to love each other, that they’d always

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