Girl In The Blue Coat Figurative Language

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Death is a very difficult topic to just move on from. It’s a longing pain, which is difficult to imagine. Living a life without someone you love is the worst. And being able to move on from that is even more difficult. In times like WW2, where thousands of people were killed, it made many people forced to move on. In my novel, "Girl in the Blue Coat'', there are loads of themes that could have been pulled from the book; our author Monica Hesse gives so many thematic options. But one theme that stood out to me is being about "to move on, even in unfortunate circumstances and feelings that you may be fighting". Using structural techniques, other text, and character development, I was able to fully understand my chosen theme. Near the beginning …show more content…

By utilizing figurative language, and including strange, bland, but powerful/smart word choices, it really can relate to the structure of our book; even if it is much much shorter. So far throughout the story (figurative language wise), the poem had 3 different figurative languages; anaphora, simile(s), and metaphor(s). The anaphora was specifically noticeable because of the consistent use of the word "tear(s)". It happens around every new phrase or continuation of a phrase, so it appears around every 1-3 lines. Another time figurative language is showing is when our author used similes and metaphors to really show the power of tears. She said, "without them there is no life" and "fall like rain". The first is a metaphor; yes, there is life without tears. But, they lead many emotions, specifically the weak ones, so the weak emotion can become a strong emotion. The second one is a simile: it uses the word "like". When using the word like, she can relate the action of the tears falling to give us a representation of them falling along and down her skin. "Tears are the baseline of every powerful emotion, throughout life or death;"this was a noticeable theme in the poem, which can also apply to many other things as well. The poem represents fear, hope, sadness, assurance, and promises. This matches with the novel, "Girl in a Blue Coat" very well. My character is stuck, and has so much going on, and …show more content…

These two techniques which really put the book in perspective seemed to have a connection to the theme. On page 143, Hannie (her real name's Hanneke, but her parents call her Hannie.) says "'Girls in love will do desperate and creative things.'" Not only does this sentence only be used because it may add on to the story later, but it shows that personal experience she has with this kind of thing; being in love and needing to find new outputs and inputs. This kind of thing definitely stood out to me, just like our symbol, the blue coat. She may not have full recovery, but she can accept that kind of power her love did. But, a couple pages before, our author did take advantage of that 1st person narrative here; "I'm the blame for Bas's death. Bas was stupid to love me. I only got him killed. It was my fault." (page 135.) Because of that first person narrative, our author was able to have the main character admit to us and herself. This shows even more of that recovery phase that was mentioned earlier; being able to come to terms with herself is a step forward for her, and more information for us. This is just building that past that us readers don't seem to know yet. And because of how that story is, that past is important. ESPECIALLY for the

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