Out Of The Dust Theme Essay

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Characters Help Establish a Theme

Characters are used to help develop a theme and create a more relatable story. In the book, “Out of the Dust” by Karen Hesse, Billie Jo and her father stay strong through the dust bowl and the death of their family members.Billie Jo and daddy, from “Out of the Dust”, helped to develop the theme that when you’re at the end of the rope, tie a knot and hold on because of how they persevere through their hardships.

Daddy shows persistence in how he never lets his sadness overcome him. First, even though his wife was gone, he never stopped digging the pond. For example in the text it says,” My father spends his time out the side of the house,digging a hole. Forty feet by sixty feet deep.” This shows her father …show more content…

For example she stills remains playing the piano. In the text, it says,” I sit at the school piano and make my hands work, in spite of the pain, in spite of the stiffness, and scars.” Billie Jo still continues to follow her passion and work on piano playing no matter how painful it is to her. As much as she refers to her not being able to play because of her burnt hands, deep down, the reason she is scared to play is because it reminds her of her mom. She still makes herself play because she knows it is the one thing she can hang on to. Also it says,” When mom died, I didn’t want to go on, either. I don’t know. I don’t feel the same now, not exactly. Now that i see that one days after another and you’ll get through them one measure at a time.” Most people want to give up when life gets tough, but Billie Jo still remains hopeful and hangs on through the daily struggles of life. She even related her life to the piano because the piano represents hope for her. “One measure at a time” this shows that if music can go one measure by measure then she won’t give up and she will make it through day by day. Billie Jo shows a strong young girl that’s making it through a rough life and she helps to bring encouragement to the

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