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“ I listened to my mother latest story-same fixing cars at an auto shop in Los Angeles-and I remembered how it was after Sam threw down the gun, after my mother had turned and walked away, when I stepped out of the bushes, stooped to touch each crumpled bird body, and he watched me for a while, hands in his pockets, no longer able to recognize a sister”(25). This quote, from Sister, describes their relationship which over than a family. Sam and Schiller recognized that their relationship was different than before, so Sam decided to go to another place. As Schiller grew older, and she began to see herself in the third person since she conclude not control her emotion with her family and Sam. A. Manette Ansay, the author of sister, is a …show more content…

Manette Ansay uses sequence to describe Abigail Schiller life. Sequence is the use of a specific order that related life, movements, or things follow each other. This pattern can lead reader’s to read the book easily, and sequence can help reader’s who create the reading structure. Author use sequence to connect the Abigail Schiller life from young until adult, and it also helps the author connect the story and different ideas. Through the book sister use Sequence to be a connection which help the author to make a attractive and powerful book. This contributes the reader to keep reading the book. During the whole book of sister, Ansay use sequence to adequately show characters life. Since in each of the cheater the author notes down the year, it helps the reader to understand when does the story happen and the time of the story. In content 1 are 1975 to 1980, content 2 are 1984 to 1987, content 3 and 4 are 1995, and content 5 are 1995 to 1996. This point can discover that the author was using the sequence to show the story structure. Sequence is one approach used by Ansay to describe Abigail Schiller life from young until …show more content…

Manette Ansay uses first person to describe Abigail Schiller feeling or life. First person is the use of the grammatical person used by a speaker in statements, such as, I, We, You, and They. This pattern can contribute reader to substitute into the main character, and it causes reader keep interesting to read the book. Author use first person to connect the Abigail Schiller and other characters life and help the reader understand what is Abigail Schiller feeling, while she is face in the problem. Though the book sister use first person to a connection to contribute the author increasing the characters feeling, keeping attraction, and pointing view to be easier. During the whole book of sister, Ansay uses first person to lead character and reader more intimate. This feels life characters or author are sitting in the room and telling us their own story. According to the storybook of sister write that “Now it seemed I was finally invisible as I walked toward them, slowly, step by step. They were putting up new posters of airplanes and motorcycles, a HORTON WILDCATS pennant that had once been my father’s. I was close enough to reach out and tap them on the shoulders and still nether one of them saw that I was there”(47). This point can show that the author is using first person to tell a story to readers and cause the attraction to lead reader’s keep reading the book. First person is one way to make reader feel interesting about the book and to

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