Figurative Language In Jfk Inaugural Address

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In John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address Kennedy uses rhetorical strategies such as; diction, syntax, tone, and figurative language. Kennedys uses these elements to achieve the purpose in which was trying to be reached to the audience. The purpose of Kennedy's inaugural address was to inspire the citizens of America. Kennedy evoked a sense of security and a spirit of idealism which reassured Americans of their nation's strengths and inspired them to serve their country and the world. To begin, Kennedy uses diction to set the tone and allow the readers to comprehend the ideas within the speech as well. Along with diction comes figurative language which creates the speech to be more emotional and interacting. For example the personification “sister republics” creates an emotional appeal from the audience because many people have or have had the experience of having a sister. This quote also helps the reader to fully comprehend that if “we” as a nation work together “we” can make a difference in America. …show more content…

The way in which Kennedy uses short abrupt sentences communicates youthful energy. This not only being why Kennedy uses sentences like such but also because it gives times for breaths and facial expressions throughout the speech. Kennedy’s arrangement of words is a huge element for example, the beginning of the speech uses "let's" implying that Kennedy is willing to help with the rest of the American citizens and the end of the speech is more demanding words to imply that Kennedy has commitment now it is time for the rest of the United States to show

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