Firestarter Redux: A Short Story

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Firestarter Redux Charlie stood amongst the rubble that was The Shop. The lust for destruction that consumed her mind seemed to die down as she gazed upon the corpses of animals and humans alike. Give them a war. Her father’s words echoed in her mind. Charlie began to weep as she thought of her father and John both perishing in the blaze she started. Charlie had passed out after crying for a few hours, after all burning down and utterly destroying a whole government compound took a lot of stress on the mind. As Charlie’s consciousness diminished John’s came back to him. John’s left leg had been severed at the knee by a 30,000 degree burning wooden beam and had miraculously avoided any other damages from the hell blaze. John had unconsciously …show more content…

It was three in the morning now so the hogs on the farm were sleeping, and she spotted the watering trough and her thirst was something that did not make her consider that it was something that pigs drank out of. She tripped over a pale, however. This woke up a hearty hog who was extremely upset that his sleep was interrupted. The hog charged Charlie in a blind rage. Charlie did not notice the hog until it was some five feet away, and it was too late. The hog trampled Charlie and had her pinned in the mud. Charlie did not even think to act, it was as if her power acted independently from her and the hog’s head erupted in a yellow flame. The hog did not even have time to squeal in pain and collapsed on Charlie as she squirmed away from the flaming hog. Charlie broke down in tears, she had started a fire for the very last time. Rainbird knew this was time. Rainbird moved down the hill and started to approach the crying girl. He could barely contain himself, and his usual very deliberate and careful approach was out the window. Charlie was in the fetal position. She had cried herself to sleep. Good. Rainbird positioned himself above the girl.“Charlie,” He whispered in his former fatherly tone. Charlie’s eyes fluttered

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