Theme Of War In John Wade's Life

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The significance of war in John Wade’s life, has deformed his present state of mind and diluted the clarity of his daily thoughts and actions. The horrific events he experienced caused a terminal disease, as evident by his spastic fits of yelling “Kill Jesus”, running in-and-out of the bedroom he shares with Kathy, kicking and screaming as if he was possessed by a devil, and his unstoppable quest to end any life in his presence. John decides to acheive this by killing all plants in his home. As he waits for the pot to boil, he imagines himself, “kicking and gouging. He’d go for the eyes. Yes, he would. Tear out the eyeballs--fists and fingernails--just punch and claw and hammer and bite” (O’Brien 47). Haunted by the bitter aftertaste of war,

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