Flaws In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies tells the story of a group of British boys stranded on an uninhabited island. Throughout the book the group of civilized boys try to govern themselves with tragic results. Golding says the beginning of his novel Lord of the Flies theme is an attempt to prove the flaws of society is due to the flaws of human nature, not the defects of any form of government. When looking at Vlad the impaler and his monarchy I think Golding’s idea is True, If given the right environment and freedom humans seem to let the flaws in their nature out. Being stubborn, power hungry, and vengeful are flaws in nature that appear once a person has the right environment and freedom, and these flaws can lead to the demise of leaders, empires, and governments. …show more content…

Violence and brutality comes from the defection of humans after being let free of limitations. example is after Vlad had absolute control over people he gained a fetish for impalement and brutal punishments for those same he believes are enemies or in some way unfit. Vlad would use impalement as a warning to enemies. Most who were impaled were alive for hours even days while impaled on the stake. This is a flaw in human nature after limitations were lifted Vlad started brutal punishments proving golding 's so point. After jack had full control over the boys he killed Simon, allowed piggy to be killed, hunted Ralph and burn down the island. All of those actions prove that if given the chance humans will behave in a flawed …show more content…

Peace and positive leadership are only present when people limit themselves from flawed behavior and thinking without such limits bloodlust, revenge, and savagery can form and these often led to unfortunate events that may be the cause of someone 's death. For example is Vlad behavior during battles against the Ottomans which was driven by bloodlust and revenge as well. During his battles he and his men would not only kill Ottomans soldiers he would murder women,children, and elderly in various brutal ways. Slicing off heads, burning homes, and of course his favorite, impalement. This vicious behavior also supports golding 's theme because the more free reign and control he received the more brutal he became. This situation also goes with jacks behavior as well. Jack "celebration" where the boys we 're dancing around the pigs head on a steak doing a reenactment of the killing of the pig gradually becomes out of control the more the boys start to join in , And Eventually someone gets killed. This supports golding 's theme because it proves that if put in a certain environment with enough freedom humans will eventually start to let out their flawed ways because their is nothing keeping from it. I know that after conducting research golding 's idea about flawed human nature is correct, and I believe that if the right environment and freedom brings out the flaws in the nature of a human, then humans should become more aware of their flawed nature. If people are not aware of

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