Flaws In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby-Nick Fawcett-Chapter 6 Questions 1. What is revealed about Jay Gatsby aka “James Gatz”? James Gatz is Jay Gatsby’s legal name, and he is originally from North Carolina. He was born to an unsuccessful farm family and didn't accept his parent’s to be family. In James’ teenage years he worked around lake superior doing any job that would provide him food and a bed. James had envisioned an alternate persona, where he was wealthy Jay Gatsby, and this persona sprung into action when Dan Cody anchored his yacht in Lake Superior. 2. What was Dan Cody’s flaw? How might this relate to Gatsby? Dan Cody’s flaw was that after many years in the metal rush mining business, he had become “physically robust” and on the verge of soft-mindedness. In addition to this …show more content…

What did Dan leave to Gatsby? What happened? Dan left Gatsby $25’000 dollars but he didn’t receive it, because of legal issues, and the entirety of the money went to Ella Kaye, a woman which took advantage of Dan for his money. 4. When Nick next sees Gatsby, who is with him? When Nick sees Gatsby next, he is with Tom buchanan, Sloane and a pretty woman. 5. Gatsby invites Tom to stay for dinner. What is the reaction and response? After Gatsby invites Tom to dinner, the lady asks if Gatsby and Nick would like to come to dinner with them. Nick declines and as Gatsby prepares to leave, Tom, Mr Sloane and the lady ride off leaving Gatsby behind. Tom and Mr Sloane didn’t want Gatsby joining them. 6. How does Nick feel at Gatsby’s party? What does Nick notice? Nick does not enjoy himself at the party. He notices the feelings of annoyance between Tom, Gatsby and Daisy and looks down upon the intoxicated people 7. What does Tom accuse Gatsby of? Tom accuses Gatsby of earning his wealth as a bootlegger. He wants to know how he made his money and Daisy suggests he made it from pharmaceutical drug stores. 8. What does Gatsby realize about Daisy’s feelings towards the

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