Forbidden Love In Romeo And Juliet

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A. The myth chosen for this assignment states that individuals are often attracted to people who are completely different, or opposite, from themselves.
B. A popular aphorism circulated from adults to children claims, “we always want what we cannot have.” This adage speaks to the idea that a person becomes more attractive when there is something keeping the two people apart. The pair might even try to make their differences work, but in the end those disparities most likely cause the downfall of the relationship. Generally, people accept this myth to be true, because they relate it to a time in their life like the example stated above. These individuals felt a need for something new. They could have been bored of their lifestyle, or even just wanted an adventure, but this new person that came into his/her life sparked
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It seemed to be the forbidden love that some crave, the Romeo and Juliet relationship within that individual’s life. The stark differences cause a sense of passion, and it is popularized in
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