Force Of A Paper Airplane Essay

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There are different forces that need to be in balance for a paper airplane to have a decent flight. The first force thrust. Thrust is basically the forward movement of the plane. Without Thrust the plane could not move in any direction, So it causes the plane to be able to move forward. If a good flight is to occur, then it needs to be in balance with the other forces that can effect a paper airplane 's flight. Thrust depends on the lift. The lift is in the middle and starting point of the flight so the thrust can help the plane perform better.

Another force that can effect the flight of a paper airplane is the force of lift. Lift is when the wing is getting pushed upwards harder than it is getting pushed downwards. If this is happening, then it means gravity is not as strong on the plane as thrust and lift are. Lift is the starting point and the middle of the flight. If the plane is moving upwards, lift is taking place. When a paper airplane is going down, lift is not taking place.When the air is going under the wings of the plane this is also lift. Without the wings there is no lift which means the flight would not last long. The factors weight, size, and velocity are depended on by the magnitude of the lift. So it is saying that other smaller forces depend on the lift which …show more content…

For an example, if a paper airplane weighs to much, the force of gravity will overcome it. Same thing in real life. If a heavy object were to be in the air, gravity would pull it down. Same thing for the plane. If it is to heavy, then there is no way for the plane to overcome the force. So a resolution would be to have a paper airplane with a light mass. Paper airplanes are generally light because of their size, paper doesn’t weigh much which decreases the effect of gravity, Gravity can be overcome by thrust, but mainly lift. Thrust and lift are going forward and up while gravity is trying to make the plane go in a downward

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