Forms In Plato And Plato's Theory Of Beauty

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Forms are transcendent. This means that they do not exist in space and time. Furthermore we cannot experience Forms through our senses, therefore we gain this knowledge through reason. Consequently though we can have knowledge of the Forms, but not knowledge of particular objects of sense experience, the Forms must be separate from particular thing. Plato used Form to overcome his relative problems with knowledge. Furthermore he was able to classify all things according to their Form. A house is a house because it reflects the form of a house. Plato was dissatisfied with the society he lived in, therefore he thought of ways to change it. Plato had views to how to live a good life should be, towards what end the individual should act in accordance with their ideas of good life. Furthermore he thought of the world in a more theoretical insightful way theory of forms. Plato believed that a soul transmigrated until it was able to free itself from physical form and returned to the a realm without form. Plato also taught that true knowledge came from the soul and reason which would make him a rationalist and he believed that things like beauty and good in the physical world were glimmers of reality. Aristotle theory of forms with its two separate realms failed to explain what it was meant to explain. Furthermore it failed to explain…show more content…
Every object carries its own beauty which which cannot be classified in the same context as Beauty of other objects. This object is what it is, It is virtue of itself, furthermore this provides explanation of why things that participate in Beauty are beautiful. When there is a beauty context for women, only women who think are beautiful participates in this Beauty context because they make this particular thing beautiful because the Form is itself beautiful. Beauty is dispatched to particular things that are involved in
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