Foster Home Case Study

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I believe that this grant money would be best used in a way that can give back to the community. I would much rather invest in a program that can help others, than one that merely helps me grow as a leader. I am very passionate about children’s rights to a safe and nurturing home as they grow up. No child should have to feel alone in the world, yet currently there are over 400,000 children in the United States foster care system. While about a quarter of them are in relatives’ foster homes, roughly seventy percent of them are stuck in strangers’ homes and institutions. A majority of these children feel abandoned and unwanted as they go from home to home awaiting adoption or reunification with their families. Additionally, many of them …show more content…

This would be an organization with the ability to raise even more money for these children until a substantial amount of financial aid is accumulated. This money could be utilized to develop an improved system. Perhaps a database that can effectively pair up orphans with waiting families. In the meantime, this program could develop a better way to match these children to healthy temporary living environments, ensuring that no child is placed in a detrimental home. Of course, this would require a much more thorough analysis of foster care homes than what is currently being used. This lack of meticulosity is often caused by the heavy workload placed upon social workers. Overworked and underpaid, many social workers are driven to quit their jobs, leading to the profession’s turnover rate reaching numbers higher than twenty percent. Assuming that a monetary insufficiency is the impediment keeping the current system from paying their social workers enough for their work and, consequently, from being as thorough as possible in where they place these children, my program will have the substantial funding to back these necessities up. My program will also offer services to children aging out of the system so that they can grow to be successful adults rather than end up in the same damaging environments that they are aging out of. Personal advisors and partnerships with workplaces and colleges can make a significant difference in the life of someone who has no one to turn to for guidance or

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