Fourth Amendment Dbq

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The author Jonathan Franzen believes “Without privacy there was no point in being an individual.” This quote is stating that every individual is granted a right to privacy. The Fourth Amendment secures a citizen's personal information and it ensures that hackers cannot invade citizens’ privacy. Since the Fourth Amendment requires a probable cause to conduct a search and seizure, citizens are insured property cannot be seized unless approved by a judge. The Fourth Amendment, assures citizens that search and seizures must be approved by a judge, and to be approved the case has to be probable. On the other hand, this amendment makes it strenuous to conduct surveillance without a probable cause. The Fourth Amendment was a suitable change to the Constitution because it ensures citizens’ privacy cannot be invaded, ensures citizens’ property is secure from seizure, and stipulates searches must be approved by a judge although it makes finding evidence …show more content…

To obtain a search warrant law enforcement personnel would have to persuade a judge that they have a probable matter. (Source 1.2) For example, citizens have all right there privacy until they have done something to potentially harm someone. Next, the government takes professional matters to make certain that citizens’ information is private. (Source 4.3) For every case that needs a warrant, law enforcement has to give the judge a plausible case giving the details of what happened. Moreover, if the government or even law enforcement wants to go deeper into an investigation, they have to go to a federal judge and indicate why they want to do that task. (Source 1.2) If the government wanted to go further than top-line data, for example listening to someone’s phone calls that is when the government needs to go to a federal judge. Furthermore, a judge and the government work together so everyone's privacy is protected and that is their

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