Frankenstein Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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For years there has been an occuring debate about nature vs nurture. Some argue that people might naturally be bad or good while others argue that they are nurtured to be the way they are. Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, visually uses this concept and shows that truly both of these factors impact who beings turn into a scientist who was loved to the greatest extent that grew to be broken and a creature that was tainted from birth without a chance to change. This story set in the 1700s sets the scene starting with the scientist abandoning the creature and continuing to neglect it until it is too late. The novel by Mary Shelley called “Frankenstein” presents a monster that was abandoned by a broken scientist, its creator. The monster grows …show more content…

After hearing the creature's story, Frankenstein had still shown no remorse, deciding not to make him someone to love because he believes the monster does not deserve love. Soon the monster became angry. He examines with the utmost hatred “I will Revenge my injuries: if I cannot Inspire love, I will cause fear, and chiefly towards you my Arch Enemy, because my Creator, do I swear in extinguishable hatred.” The creature was being nice before this and trying to reason with Frankenstein and seeing him hate him he decided he'd do the same. How decides to give him the same energy. He calls him his arch enemy. His creator doesn’t understand him and won't even give him the bare minimum, someone that loves him, and he is now starting to resent him. He doesn;’t see his kind as soft kind and righteous anymore but as frankenstein. Frankenstein only sees people for their looks and sees himself and people. He believes the monster is the worst version of himself, so he resents it. Now the monster sees Frankenstein as his arch-enemy. The person who took everything from him without even being given a chance, He wants revenge for what he has gone through, what he has seen and his whole life. He was created by a person he wasn't a blessing, he was a crush and he resents Frankenstein for creating him that way. As a being who is destined for evil with no happily ever after. This quote is so important because it shows the monster's turning point. He swears that now there will only be hate and wants nothing more than revenge. This is because he finally understands why he's this way. He was nurtured to be evil; he wasn't born this way. When he was abandoned his purpose was lost and he was from then on destined for a life or sorrow even though he tried so hard for it to be of love and

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