Frederick Douglass: My Slave Experience In Maryland

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NHD Outline *primary* (paraphrase) Introduction We had on the plantation an overseer, by the name of Austin Gore, a man who was highly respected as an overseer proud, ambitious, cruel, artful, obdurate. Nearly every slave stood in the utmost dread and horror of that man. His eye flashed confusion amongst them. He never spoke but to command, nor commanded but to be obeyed. He was lavish with the whip, sparing with his word. I have seen that man tie up men by the two hands, and for two hours, at intervals, ply the lash. I have seen women stretched up on the limbs of trees, and their bare backs made bloody with the lash. Frederick Douglass had a overseer which spoke to be obeyed so almost every slave felt nothing but fear by him. Douglass had seen the overseer tie up the hands of men and women and lashed them for hours until their backs were covered in nothing but blood. Douglass, Frederick. “My Slave Experience in Maryland .” (1845) Frederick Douglass, "My Slave Experience in Maryland" | The Black Past: Remembered and Reclaimed, www.blackpast.org/1845-frederick-douglass-my-slave-experience-maryland. Thesis Statement: In South Carolina, it was common for masters to own slaves, abuse them, give them harsh living conditions, and strict rules to follow. In response to the unfair conditions, slaves had uprisings or even ran away. Abraham Lincoln, the President at the time, wanted to end slavery, so he issued the Emancipation Proclamation which stated that slaves were both free in
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