Social Inequality In America

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One problem that I believe is of utmost importance is social inequality. There are many different forms of social inequality in America. Through getting a degree in political science at your university, I plan to work to solve these problems facing America’s society. I’ve grown up around a liberal family and a conservative community. My family tells me I should believe one thing, and my peers tell me I should believe another. This has led me to question many things and come up with my own views. My current views lean more towards my family’s way of thinking; however, I’d say my views are a little more liberal. I’d consider myself a big advocate of equality which is where my views differentiate from many of those around me. Through becoming more socially aware, I decided I wanted to be more involved in fighting inequality. Especially throughout my high school career, I have noticed many social injustices. …show more content…

Gay rights were the first issue that I really became involved in. I never understood why they didn’t have the same legal rights as straight people. When my brother told me he was gay, I became more outspoken about same-sex equality. I became exposed to racial inequality when I saw the shootings of innocent black teenagers such as Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. I believe they were shot due to racial profiling, which I believe is a major problem. Gender inequality is also a dilemma within society that needs to be addressed. There’s gender inequality within the workplace and women are held to different standards and expectations than men. These issues are important to me because I believe no one should be discriminated against due to sexuality, race, or gender. I believe that everyone should be given equal opportunities. These are all issues that I am confident I can help

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