The Role Of Racial Inequality In America

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Throughout the United States History, America has been polluted with racial inequality, discriminations, segregation and hatred. Many people from the past were restrictively limited from doing certain thing, because they had one drop of an African blood in them (not two but one). Consequently, anyone who was not a European descendants were considered to be a property. From the beginning of the British North America in 1619 when a Dutch ship brought 20 enslaved Africans to Jamestown, Virginia, blacks has been mistreated Since then. These human beings were considered to be a property. They were owned in the same sense as a horse can be owned. They could be whipped and branded and in other ways physically harmed with virtually no legal restrictions. The killing of a slave by a slave master was almost never punished. The rape of slaves was a common practice. Slave owners were free to split up families and to sell the children of slaves.These acts became known as the “Slave codes” which gave slave owners absolute power over their slaves. …show more content…

Ferguson that fought to segregate and united the majorities and the

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