Frederick Douglass Thesis

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Frederick Douglass was a slave that had learned a lot while growing up. He had learned that all slavery that was being committed was not right. While he was growing he had taught himself how to read in write but he also had a little help from the plantation where he was located at. In the book, Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, he explains the hard times he had went through as a child and explains how they affected him and made him stronger. He goes through many sequences in his life as he grows up being a slave and then being a free man. While going through all the phases Frederick Douglass starts noticing how hard of a life he had growing up. He was an abolitionist and a writer who sought to bring freedom to all the races. Frederick Douglass was a man to remember because of all the troubles he had went through and because of how much he had fought to get rid of slavery. The first turning point was when Frederick Douglass was born, he was born half a …show more content…

He was a very smart man who started figuring things out about how slavery worked and how slavery wasn’t good. Frederick Douglass in 1855 named his autobiography, My Bondage and My Freedom, this book talked about his child hood and it also talked about his ideas on the anti-slavery crusade. He was intelligent because he gave effort to be educated and was a very well-known slave. He was in every movement and every political system to hear about what they were going to do with slavery. Frederick Douglass during his time of growing up were very harsh but then quickly learned he was on his own after being sent to different plantations. He was a strong individual who quickly learned the slavery process and tried to put a stop to it. Frederick Douglass well always be remembered for doing so much to abolish the slavery movement and trying to get equal rights for everybody. He will also be known mostly for his orator and

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