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Do bears actually hibernate? This has been a debatable topic among scientists for a while. There’s multiple opinions for both sides. Some think bears kind of hibernate, some think they don’t, some think they do. The one thing that is making many scientists say that bears don’t hibernate is, bears don’t go into complete deep sleep, they go into torpor where they’re not completely in a deep sleep. It is conclusive to me that bears do hibernate. The bear's body during its hibernation does basically everything every other animal does during hibernation. As said in Article One, “...they will hibernate for 4-6 months. ...they do stop eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom. ...heart rate drops to between 5 bpm and 25 bpm during hibernation.” Some scientists even consider bears to be ‘super hibernators’. “Many scientists now consider bears to be super hibernators. Due to the highly insulative pelts of bears and their lower surface area to mass ratio than smaller hibernators,...”(Article 2). There is definitive evidence to claim that bears do hibernate. …show more content…

Although there is inconsistencies in the bear's body temperature the bear's body temperature is still changing. As seen in The Graph you can obviously see the body temperature going down during the winter (January-March) , when they're hibernating, and back up in the spring (April - `June). For the differences, for example - bears aren’t in a deep sleep. Although they aren’t in a deep sleep like most animals, bears sometimes wake up during hibernation to get a drink if they are dehydrated. So, they wake up because they have to if they don’t want to die of dehydration (Video) . Animals are different on the ways they hibernate or how they

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